German Engineering in IP Telephony

Snom manufactures SIP based VoIP telephones that offer a decisive advantage due to their high interoperability, ensuring users the greatest possible independence. Snom telephones stand out because of their high security standards and variety of functions. They are ideal for use in small and medium-sized enterprises, home offices, Internet Service Telephony Providers and telecom carriers.


Founded two decades ago, Snom has consistently gathered awards in the IP space at every step along their pathway of growth. Snom has dedicated itself to developing secure, powerful, and feature-rich software for its phone touted as “the best business telephones in the world”.  Holding true to its commitment to engineering, Snom phones offer superb audio, more than 900 features and an elegant design – all at cost effective prices.

What’s in it for Partners?

The Snom Channel Partner Program provides partners access to rewards, recognition, and sales aids to support winning more deals with Snom products. As partners increase their investment and commitment to Snom, they can receive additional rewards, offers, and benefits. The framework of the Snom Partner program is simple, easy, and valuable.