Products to Keep you Connected

Gone are the days of dial-up, clunky headsets, low-quality audio, and connectivity issues. Our vendors provide beautiful hardware, seamless connectivity, and integration with today's best-unified communications and broadband technologies. Whether you connect with 5G, DSL, or Fiber optics, and communicate via Teams, Zoom, or SIP services. Gentek has the solutions your customers need to work remotely, or in the office.

Unified Communications

Voice Calling. Messaging. Web Conferencing. Video.

What is Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC)?

Unified communications and collaboration (UCC) is the collection of technology and software that combines enterprise communication with real-time and asynchronous cooperation capabilities. UCC takes the various methods used in individual unified communications (UC) and collaboration services and makes them available through a single interface to improve connectivity and productivity.

At TDL Gentek we are a Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) distributor focused on providing our reseller community the best-in-class products and tools to support their customers UCC needs. 3CX, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Broadsoft, Skyswitch, Cisco are just some of the platforms that we provide solutions for through certified hardware partners. Our brands supporting these platforms include Yealink, POLY, Fanvil, Grandstream, Mitel, and Alcatel/Lucent.

UCC includes email, voicemail, calendars, scheduling tools, video conferencing, instant messaging, desktop sharing and VoIP. Additionally, functionality may include presence tracking, which is the ability to tell whether a contact is busy or free, and unified messaging, which is the ability to retrieve all messages from a central location.

Organizations should implement UCC technology to streamline employee and customer interaction methods. Businesses can also take better advantage of hiring remote or globally dispersed employees with easily accessible communications services that bridge geographical gaps.


Broadband provides high-speed, high-quality internet services that require large amounts of data transmission. Give your customers the best broadband experience with our suite of broadband products.

Network Equipment

TDL Gentek is among the top network equipment providers in Canada. We provide our customers with a level of expertise that they can rely on. We are 100% Canadian and specialize in providing wireless internet service providers and internet service providers the network equipment and consumer endpoints needed to create the most efficient, reliable hybrid networks available in Canada.

Choose from manufacturers such as Tarana Wireless, Mimosa, Ubiquiti, Grandstream, Wade to build out your wireless networks and CE manufacturers such as Adtran, Vilo, CBN, Technicolor, and SmartRg for your network to customer needs.

The digital divide is real, and the need to connect all Canadians with high-speed internet is becoming more and more important. At TDL Gentek we make the equipment you need available in Canada, becoming your Canadian expert among your network equipment suppliers.


As technology evolves so must your security to protect your business and its customers. Gentek offers a range of products for internet security applications and IP video surveillance, as well as digital offerings like software, licenses, upgrades and expansion keys.


Equipment that supports other equipment. From switches and mounts to media packs. We carry lots of options for the technology you purchase at Gentek.