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The Gentek Difference

Labelling Endpoint Boxes

One specific invisible value-add service that makes medium or large deployments quick, smooth and efficient, is the one we call “Labelling Endpoint Boxes”.


Refurbishing is a value-added service that both protects your company’s hardware investments and provides cost-efficient options for your customers.


Gentek provides three provisioning services: Pre-Provisioning, Zero-Touch Provisioning and Full Provisioning.


We offer various custom kitting services, allowing you to create a package that includes any combination of products.

Blind Drop Shipping

With blind drop shipping, we deliver product directly to your customers with labels and packing lists showing they came from your company at your address.

Training & Information

We’re committed to more than just excellent products and an unparalleled customer experience.

Product Customization

Gentek offers a variety of product customization options to set your products and services apart from your competitors.

Custom Firmware Loading

One of Gentek’s value-added services is our capability to load custom firmware on devices before shipping.

Technology Leasing

Technology leasing gives you ready access to the technology your business needs at a cost designed to maximize the return on your investment.