Labelling Endpoint Boxes

At Gentek, our mission is to be your invisible partner – you shine by utilizing our value-added services, while we remain behind the scenes. One specific invisible value-add service that makes medium or large deployments quick, smooth and efficient, is the one we call “Labelling Endpoint Boxes”. When combined with our Blind Drop Shipping service, the huge benefit of this service is that when devices purchased from Gentek (IP phones / speakers  / cameras) arrive at their destination, each box is already labelled with the name of the person or the intended location. This makes distributing the devices extremely easy, taking only a fraction of the amount of time it would take if checklists with MAC addresses or serial numbers were used.

Furthermore, when Labelling Endpoints is also combined with our Redirection service, the benefits are magnified since large scale deployments will be possible without sending a technician onsite. Everything will be done by your customer who will simply take the device to the person or location shown on the label, unbox it and plug it in. In this scenario, when you place your order with us, you also send us a list of names or locations (kitchen, lobby, etc).   We match a device with the name or location you provided, label it, and then send you a list of the MAC address of the devices and the corresponding name or location. You then assign that MAC address in your system to a particular extension and complete the setup (name, extension, DID, speed dials, calling rules, and so on), so that when the device  is plugged in at its final destination, the whole setup is downloaded from your server and the device is ready to be used.

Integrate the Labelling Endpoint Boxes service into your customer experience to simplify and speed up your deployments, reduce your expenses, and enhance your product offerings.