Kitting is one of the most commonly used services in eCommerce fulfillment. Retailers, manufacturers, and online subscription services make use of kitting to increase their profits and minimize costs.

Here’s what kitting is and why so many businesses are using it.

Using our extensive business intelligence, we help our customers simplify their ordering processes by presenting them with recommended bundles that consist of popular device pairings that work well together.  These bundles are easy to find and order in our secure e-commerce portal (for TDL Gentek partners only).

For customers who would like to take the finished product their customers receive to the next level, we offer various custom kitting services, allowing you to create a package that includes any combination of products, complete with your brand and documentation in the box.  Tell us what you want done, and we will work with you to create your custom creation, assembled by TDL Gentek.