Custom Firmware Loading

One of Gentek’s value-added services is our capability to load custom firmware on devices before shipping.   We welcome you to discuss your requirements with us, as there are three general scenarios.

  • For some networks; a specific version of firmware is required by the owner of the network the devices will run on and you can count on Gentek to “flash” (load) the proper firmware before shipping.

  • There are also situations where your company already uses modified or third-party firmware that you wish us to load.   In those situations; you could send us the files and we’ll load them onto your purchased devices before shipping. If your company is manually loading firmware today, you’ll realize immediate benefits with this service.

  • Finally for those providers yet to explore custom firmware due to the resources it would consume, our Custom Loading Firmware service offers a low-barrier means of trying it out.   If you have access to a particular custom firmware that will extend the functionality of your hardware (i.e. features; security or even stability), contact us and we will discuss the options for us to load it for you before shipping.  Note that it is always recommended that any custom firmware is either developed by the device vendor, or at least vetted and supported by them.