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The Importance of Personalized Customer Service in Distribution

Wholesalers often bottom out their prices by automating customer service and sales. With e-commerce more popular than ever, they can maintain low overhead expenses and margins.

For bulk purchasing, there are certainly cost advantages in using a wholesaler. That said, they eschew various value-added services that can help your business grow. One service distributors tout is personalization.

Personalization in business comes with many advantages. The rapport built with a designated agent makes for a pleasant and productive experience. Here are just a few ways this measurably impacts your business.

Streamlined Channels for Communication

When assigned a sales or technical support representative, you circumvent standard channels of communication. No more ticket systems or automated voice menus—just a direct line of communication. Consequently, your inquiries and problems get settled faster.

Better Accountability in Service Matters

Personalized service means accountable service. You know that your contact invests more into your relationship because he or she is wholly responsible for your account. Via public communication channels, this accountability gets lost when bounced between people and departments.

Intelligent Recommendations and Responses

Expect to explain your issue three or more times through conventional support systems. Inevitably, your call gets transferred and you will need to re-explain the problem. Even on sales calls, if you follow up with a new agent or speak to a different department, you'll hold the same conversation multiple times before receiving a satisfactory answer.

Conversely, with personalized service, your contact learns what matters to your business. Thus, you can cut the context when reporting problems and asking questions. This is excellent for product recommendations, too: the rep already knows what features matter most. Thus, your time is spent more efficiently when partnering with a personalized distributor.

Friendlier Customer Service

Relationships in business are powerful. Even if they do not affect your bottom line, a positive customer experience enriches the perceived value of a service. When dealing with the same agent, you develop a rapport. Even small talk makes the business experience more pleasant and can increase the chance of advancing the relationship to new territory.