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The Benefits of Attending a Vendor Trade Show

Throughout the year, different vendors and distributors host events for showcasing products and previewing next-generation technologies. Such events help relatable businesses prepare for the up-and-coming and growth their networks. They attract like-minded professionals, many of whom offer competitive and complementary services.

Because IT services businesses often specialize, they cannot always accommodate customer requests. However, partnering with businesses that can satisfy these needs through referral can be lucrative. Vendor events are an excellent place to find such businesses. But even if faced with only competitors, there's always information to share and collect from the community.

The vendors themselves offer great networking opportunities. Getting to know vendors may privy you to information on new releases, upgrades and more. Likewise, if end-users show up, these people can provide immediate feedback on the different products. Consequently, you can garner data for influencing your own product selection.

Vendor-Specific Presentations and Seminars Are an Excellent Opportunity for Learning More about New and Existing Products

When interfacing with vendors, you receive insights from industry leaders. Such information benefits your business in more than just its ability to sell products. Learning about new trends can spark discussions within your own business for growth. Vendors disseminate information so that their partners can prepare for rather than react to future. All this happens in the moment: you get answers in person and not over email, social media or phone call.

At Conferences and Trade Shows, You Can Survey the Market for Alternative Vendors and Products

Sometimes, we grow familiar with the products that we use and fail to consider their alternatives. This is brand blindness, something that occurs when we fall out-of-tune with the current market. Without an open mind to other products, your business loses its competitive nature and allows other companies to steal an advantage. It also limits opportunities for growth through channel programs and other vendor-specific initiatives.

Trade shows help to alleviate the symptoms of brand blindness. You can attend for the brands you love while discovering what else circulates the market. There are no pressures to buy or switch—it’s simply a time to learn and assess what different vendors offer.