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Reselling Cloud Device Management Services

Cloud device management platforms appeal to organizations facing efficiency and productivity problems with mobile devices in the workplace. By managing IP phones, tablets, routers, printers and other devices off premise, organizations can enjoy a host of benefits:

  • Easy accessibility: Cloud-based applications let users connect to devices from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Low equipment costs: Cloud services use remote resources, which prevents organizations from having to allocate money, space and people to network resources of their own.

  • Competitive advantage: Cloud management enables organizations to focus their IT resources on things pertinent to business development. This increases a company’s agility and versatility over its competitors who are wasting their IT resources on on-premise communications.

  • Automatic updates: Companies no longer need to perform upgrades and updates in-house, as the provider automatically rolls such things out offsite with real-time alerts on data on the service's condition.

Understanding these benefits can help resellers position cloud device management services to organizations yet to become aware of the technology. It also meets rising demands for mobile devices in the workplace, which has introduced two primary challenges for many companies:

  • The ability to oversee and regulate both corporate and employee-owned devices on the network;

  • Security matters concerning device authentication, strong passcodes and containerization of BYOD data.

Why Resellers Should Add Cloud Device Management to Their Service Offerings

Organizations using cloud device management services are not the only ones that benefit from these services. Resellers, too, stand to gain a host of services that provide:

  • Continuous revenue streams:Unlike single hardware implementations, cloud services provide opportunities for ongoing management and monitoring.

  • Time optimization:Cloud services can be deployed remotely, which minimizes channel partners' need to spend time and money travelling. This enables sellers to allot most of their attention to growing their business.

  • Easy to manage:Cloud services can be easily managed. Resellers can move customers to cloud solutions without additional equipment and troubleshoot many problems remotely.

  • Low entry costs:Networks, support systems and sophisticated environments required to create, deliver and manage cloud services have already been created by cloud vendors. This greatly reduces the costs of entry for resellers of cloud service.