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How Customer Feedback Improves Your Product Selection

Selecting products for your service can be challenging. With dozens of brands in the IP telephony and networking markets, identifying the right ones for your service can feel like an aimless journey. At first, you might cast a wide net and offer a big selection to your customers. But over time, you must refine your catalogue to help customers make smarter decisions and reduce the load on your support.

The best way to effectively narrow your product selection is with customer feedback. Refrain from adopting the "exit interview" strategy whereby you only question customers who cancel their services. Responsible businesses talk to their customers and make informed improvements month after month.

Break Free From Brand Biases and Give Your Customers Better Products

Now and then, we develop brand affinities with little reason. These preferences might stem from our own familiarity or from a brand's tremendous popularity. Regardless why, brand biases blind us from seeing what our customers need.

What you as an expert like might disagree with the average end user. Feedback challenges the logic behind your product selection and refines the choices that you’ve made.

Look Beyond Product Specifications and Examine Usability

A product may be compatible with your service, but if it is not adoptable it will serve your customers poorly. For customers to adopt a product, it must satisfy all their needs, wants and abilities. In some cases, this means simplicity while, in others, robustness. You cannot determine which extreme to target without surveying your existing customers.

Assess Why Your Customers Give the Feedback That They Do

Discovering what your customers care about in a product is only half the battle. You must also assess why. Without the why, any changes to your product roster might make little influence. As well, you cannot invest in training your customers without knowing their pain-points. Apart from picking better products, the aim of feedback is to reduce churn and boost engagement.