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Helping Your Customers Choose the Optimal Headset for Their Workforce

Do you have customers looking to invest in new headsets? Not just any headset will suffice so it’s up to you to help them pick the right products to satisfy their needs. With the right devices, your customers can realize a wealth of benefits—from increased mobility to enhanced audio clarity to the ability to multitask.


As Steve Jobs put it, “Design isn’t just what it look like and feels like. Design is how it works.” When speaking with your customers, encourage them to reflect on the following two points.

  1. How much time do the employees spend on the phone?

If their employees spend hours on the phone daily, a cumbersome headset is the last thing they need to feel motivated and be effective. Seeking out lightweight, ergonomic options will minimize strain on employees and facilitate good head and neck movement. This also promotes more correct posture from employees and reduces stress in the workplace.

On-the-ear or behind-the-neck models can be excellent options, as they enable users to easily put on and take off the headset without it getting tangled.

2. How much mobility is required for the employee to be effective and efficient in their position?

Wireless headsets enable employees to engage in phone conversations away from their desks and free their hands to participate in other tasks simultaneously. If your customers’ employees would benefit from being able to answer calls on the go, suggest a handset lifter to go along with the headset.


Like phones, headsets are an investment for businesses of all sizes. Unfortunately, headsets that are easily broken or damaged can reduce employee efficiency and lead to frustration among users. From a cost standpoint, buying higher quality headsets with a steep upfront cost is more worthwhile than constantly replacing cheaper models. Be sure to perform a cost analysis for your customers to help them budget for this purchase.


Weigh the pros and cons of the different headsets for your customers. This includes technical specifications as well as vendor offerings such as support and warranty contracts. As many customers do enjoy independent research, point them in the direction of reliable sources of product reviews and information. Your distribution partner can equip you with such material or the vendor websites.

The better you understand your customers’ workforce and work environment, the better equipped you’ll be to guide them in their purchase decision. For further information on the benefits of headsets, continue reading here: Why Should You Bundle Headsets with IP Phone Offerings?