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Accessories Worth Bundling into Your Conference Phone Solutions

For many resellers and managed service providers, hardware comprises a small portion of revenue. Their solutions provide recurring revenue month-after-month, whereas the investment in hardware happens only once. That’s why bundling is such a great strategy for maximizing that initial transaction. Plus, equipping customers with accessories can help them leverage more of their solution’s features.

Regarding conferencing solutions, specifically, here are a few products that you can bundle with the IP conference phones.

Expansion Microphone Kits

For expanded room coverage, most IP conferencing devices support external microphones. The onboard microphones boast decent range and noise cancellation, but there’s always a capacity. To extend this range without peripherals, the device would have to sacrifice quality and allow for greater echo and background noise lenience—and that’s not favourable.

For big conference facilities, external microphones allow all speakers to speak comfortably and be heard at the same quality/volume. Depending on the microphone placement, though, your customers may also require longer cables to connect the add-ons with the main unit.

IP or USB Cameras

Some IP conference devices offer video broadcasting, but most entry-level ones focus purely on audio. That said, many teleconferencing solutions support video, so bundling in equipment to use this feature can let customers tap into new technologies more affordably. Desktop-powered teleconferencing suites can use USB cameras; otherwise, a dedicated peripheral might be needed from the manufacturer.

Carrying Cases

Many IP conferencing units are portable. They also cost a fair bit, so it’s in your customers’ best interests to protect their investments on-the-go with hard-shell carrying cases.

Backup Power Supplies and Battery Packs

The devices that would require a carrying case are usually wireless. Such devices also have battery packs, which means they need charging regularly. Having a few battery packs around can be super convenient for the user.

Likewise, devices with PoE (Power over Ethernet) or those that use regular A/C adaptors need protection against power failures. Thankfully, a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) can keep all devices online for hours after a power failure. PoE devices, specifically, are more advantageous in such situations because they all connect to single source rather than using multiple UPS units.