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Why Should You Bundle Headsets with IP Phone Offerings?

Retailers of all types use bundling to generate additional revenue streams and serve related offerings to customers. Apart from creating larger purchase orders, upselling products can help customers realize fuller value in what they buy. If the bundled product betters the original in any way, then the customer stands to gain more from it. To illustrate this idea, consider the following ways headsets enhance IP phones.

Productivity Gains

IP phone systems already come with sundry advantages (i.e. the ability to call record, park calls, configure interactive voice menus and more). However, adding headsets creates new ways users can boost their productivity. For example:

  1. Without having to hold a phone, users can continue with other tasks while on a call;

  2. Traditional phones anchor their users to a desk, but headsets encourage mobility in the office.

Some studies suggest that headsets can improve productivity by nearly 43 percent! While this rate might change customer-to-customer, it is a statistical advantage that can help you sell more to customers.

Health and Safety

Interestingly, headsets avoid various posture problems related to using desk phones. In fact, the American Physical Therapy Association has even endorsed Plantronics headsets as a “valuable tool for the prevention of office workplace injuries.” Moreover, headsets reduce the number of cables running throughout an office, minimizing the risk of tripping or bunching.

Audio Clarity and Consistency

Many users think that peripheral devices degrade a phone’s audio quality. While this might be true in some cases, headsets often offer improvements to talkers and listeners alike. Here are a few examples:

  1. Some headsets come with noise cancellation;

  2. Some headsets offer additional volume controls;

  3. Headsets remain in a set position, meaning the microphone will pickup a constant audio stream.

Again, better audio quality increases the perceived value in the entire phone system. Thus, the headset helps resellers satisfy customers further, even if it means a steeper upfront investment in the system.

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